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 The Emoji that exists but is not real

6 May, 2017. | By: AceLewis

Everyone knows what Emoji are, small pictures that are shared in text often they are faces or objects. Emoji work cross platform and are very common on phones and sites like Twitter. In this blog post I will show you a Emoji that exists but is not actually real.

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Statistics of code shared on

7 Apr, 2017. | By: AceLewis is a code sharing website that also allows you to run the code in the browser, it is very useful for testing languages quickly and easily and sharing code with someone where they can see the output. I have also had fun making the graphs look nicer than Matplotlib’s default graphs.

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When will the Bitcoin blockchain reach 1TB?

1 Dec, 2016. | By: AceLewis

Bitcoin’s blockchain is the centre of the cryptocurrency and contains every transaction that as ever happened in Bitcoins history. The file size of the blockchain is increasing, it is currently over 80 GB however when will it be over 1TB.

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The Secret Santa problem

8 Nov, 2016. | By: AceLewis

This is a blog post that discusses the probability of a successful Secret Santa draw and how the probability changes with the number of people in the group.

The Secret Santa draw is a simple pick names from a hat that contains everyone’s name, success is defined by everyone having a name that is not themselves.

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Zookos triangle

31 Oct, 2016. | By: AceLewis

Zookos triangle states that for a domain name in a DNS (Domain Name System) can not be human readable, secure AND decentralized. It can be up to two of the three but not all three, how true is the statement?

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What is ZeroNet?

8 Mar, 2016. | By: AceLewis

ZeroNet is a project that allows people to create decentalised peer to peer websites, as all websites are decentalised it is free to host, can’t be geoblocked, it very resilient to censorship and is difficult to attack via DDOS. Although websites on ZeroNet are distributed across the network it is much more secure than the normal web as it uses “Bitcoin cryptography” aka websites are signed by the same public private key cryptography that is used in Bitcoin.

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Alternatives to Ads and Why They Wouldn't Work

9 Jan, 2016. | By: AceLewis

I wrote a blog post on “The Ethics of Adblock” stating that online Advertisements are a necessity to have free content however in this post I will explore the alternatives and explain my thoughts on why they will not work to monetize content on many websites.

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Image Formats and When to Use Them

6 Jan, 2016. | By: AceLewis

There are a few image formats used on the web, this blog post is aims the explain what each one is in simple terms and also explain the situations where each format is appropriate. Some people argue over what image format people should use (all the time) however it is much better to understand the situations where specific image formats should and shouldn’t be used and the situations where people abuse formats.

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The Ethics of Adblock

12 Dec, 2015. | By: AceLewis

Adblock is software used on computers and mobile devices whose main purpose is to block web advertisements. Adblock is growing in it’s use and an estimated 20.3% of people in the UK use it. Mobile phones have for a long time been a safe haven for online advertisements as installing Adblock meant either changing to a specialised browser or by Jailbreaking/Rooting the device.

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