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Coding Challenge: HipsterPy

27 Mar, 2017. | By: AceLewis

The coding challenge here is to “Hipsterfy” a sentence by removing the last vowel in the word as long as is is not also the first letter of a word.

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Coding Challenge: Rotate your vowels

4 Mar, 2017. | By: AceLewis

This is the first coding challenge snippet that I am going to share on my website.

The coding challenge here is to rotate the vowels in a given string multiple times and then print the rotated strings.

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Slight improvements to Zeronet's logo and SVGs

23 Jan, 2017. | By: AceLewis

In this quick post I will share some SVGs I made of ZeroNet’s logo whilst I was playing about with Inkscape, the logo I am sharing is an improved version of the ZeroNet logo and I will state the improvements I made. I made this whilst learning how to use Inkscape a free open source vector image creation tool.

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