This website

This Website

This website is a small project I am doing, it is made using Jekyll a static website builder, the website is made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript however by using Jekyll you don’t need to write all the HTML for example once you have made the footer you can just include it in any page by writing {% include footer.html %}, you can also use for loops and conditional statements in the HTML.

The image below shows the Jekyll code used to make the footer;

alt text

Also once the HTML, CSS and JavaScript have been made the content e.g. this post, can be made in Markdown a simple markup language the same markup used in the Reddit comment system, most Github READMEs and often throughout the internet. By using Markdown it makes it simple to publish pages as if you need to change any HTML on all webpages e.g. the footer you easily can.

Project Details

Date: December 30th 2015

Tagged: Jekyll, Website


Other Projects.

  • Killed by Police - A project scraping and processing data obtained from
  • This website - This website is made using Jekyll a open source static website builder.
  • Spintax - A Python module to parse spintax, this was created so one of my bots can send people messages that are not the same every time.
  • Steam Trading Bot - A Steam trading bot used to automatically trade items.

About me

I am interested in Physics, Maths, Programming and also play a few games in my spare time. I have an interest in data and have made webscrapers to gather and process information, I am currently looking into nice ways to display information easily in infographics using Python. I can code in Matlab, Python and have also made a Steam trading bot in Node.JS.

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